About Us

Our Story

Mahers Meats is one of Irelands best butcher shops, offering 100% premium Irish meats. We have been offering restaurant quality products and service to Irish households for the past 13 years. This is a family run business with 3 generations of Mahers now working instore!

With friendly local staff to cater for your every need. You can buy 100% prime Irish Beef, Pork and Lamb - all farm reared on our Irish pastures. For a special occasion check out our Dry aged Beef Range, which is always a winner!

Just ask instore for Prime Beef Brisket & Pork Butt or Lamb Shoulder on the Bone for low & slow cooking.

On a budget or looking for great value? Check out our meat bundles and special offers.



Reasons to seek out
a trusted local Butcher

  1. Meat is locally sourced from farmers in your community, rather than from factory farms
  2. Animals on smaller farms are generally treated more humanely than those in larger operations
  3. Shopping at your local butchers helps support your local economy
  4. Your meals will taste better
  5. The quality of meat you receive will be better, your butcher knows which cut will work best for you

Some questions to
ask your Butcher

Where do your animals come from? 
Here at Mahers Meats, animals are sourced from local farmers.

Are the animals grass fed?
The best quality meat you will find is grass fed, local and aged appropriately.

Do you do all the butchering yourself?
What you are looking for is transparency, a good butcher is more intimately acquainted with the meat. McCarthy's staff will talk to you about what you want and help you find the best cuts for what you need.

Fantastic Food & Excellent
Selection of Quality Meats and Produce